Thursday, 13 April 2017

Slab Down

We were away for a few days but in that time the slab went down. It was actually poured a day before the date we were given originally. The Slab Supervisor was very good with his communications and kept us up to date with the progress including letting us know about the early pour.

We are using New Home Inspections to help us with some independent inspections. They performed the pre pour inspection the day before. We got a report that night. There were only a few items on it thankfully and most we being addressed by the slab team as the inspector was leaving. The Slab Supervisor then sent photos to us of the identified issues being addressed. We also had an email from the Slab Supervisor on the remaining items and explaining why the pour was still going to go ahead the following morning.

This is where you just have to trust the experts and keep fingers crossed that everyone has played their part correctly.

Here are some photos of the finished slab. You can see the extra height we've had to go to to support the flood overlay requirements. All things considered, it's not too proud above ground level.

We haven't spoken with our Site Supervisor yet but we've had a few texts so we're hoping to start the framing after Easter.

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