Monday, 5 June 2017

Roof On and some windows

We had our frame inspection last week. Only a few items thankfully. We also met with our SS late in the week. He seemed to be on the ball and agreed to address all items in our independent inspection.

He confirmed that we will be doing a reverse build. We're still not convinced but maybe we are being a little old fashioned. They start with the sisalation wrap which almost water proofs the building apparently. This mean they can make a start on roughing in the services inside whilst also starting the brickwork outside.

It will no doubt save time but we hope it's not at the sacrifice of letting water in that then takes a long time to dry out. We worry about the insulation getting wet most of all.

This week the tiles went on (all in 1 day) and some of the downstairs windows were fitted ...

One of the upstairs bedrooms:

Another upstairs bedroom:

The main bathroom upstairs:

The void can be seen on the right hand side:

Looking back from the upstairs Activity area through the Jack and Jill ensuite:

Over the stairs void and out the bedroom overlooking the garage at the front:

Looking out the front from the upstairs Activity:

Looking down the length of the upstairs:

Looking out our Master bedroom downstairs:

And looking out the side window of the Master:

What will be our Rumpus room:

This is the missing door! We spotted in 2 weeks ago. There is no door into the downstairs powder room. It was so obvious to us that we didn't even bother saying anything as we thought it must have been deliberate. But we mentioned it to our SS during the visit. Apparently the framers, PD inspectors, our inspectors and our SS all missed it. so lucky we did call it out in the end. It should be fixed soon:

The Study window:

The windows out of our Family at the back of the house:

Looking out the back. We're not sure why no frames have been put in at all for any of these windows. Pretty much everything in this photo will end up being glass:

Our Kitchen complete with parts and insulation for the heating and cooling:

Looking along the hall towards the front of the house:

From the back garden:

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