Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Robes, MIrrors, Splashbacks and other fittings

We've had the final colour of render applied to the front. The garage has been roofed, its ceiling plastered and garage door installed. Some more of the porch has been fitted out and external tiling under the porch has been added.

Inside, the glass work as all been installed. Shower screens, mirrors and splash backs. All of the shower screens appear too short. However, I have not been able to find any documentation that details how tall they actually should be. When I stand in any of the showers, the top of my head is above the top of the screen. So future builders watch out for this and get a confirmation of how tall the shower screens will be.

This is our master walk in robe. It is the standard, included, PD wardrobe fit out but we asked for an additional 2nd rail to be added on the 2 short sides. This only cost us around $200 extra but we think it gives us a lot more options from just the standard wardrobes.

This is the downstairs powder room ...

This will be the downstairs playroom, initially, and it shows the heating and cooling fittings in place.

This is the Study with a smaller, for some reason, heating fitting. There is no cooling in this room, we ran our of outlets. So fingers crossed it's not too hot in summer. That is a north facing window too.

These are the Pantry shelves. To be honest, we never asked for the small shelf at the top. But we'll take it. It's not getting in the way of anything else and I'm sure it will be handy for something ...

Here is the space for our drinks fridge ...

The kitchen with the worktops now fully exposed.

And here is our splash back. It is the natural glass colour with the iron left in it which gives it the greenish tinge. We quite like this as it offers a little colour whilst still being subtle. Hopefully it won't date as quickly as some of the more contemporary colours.

This is the main bathroom upstairs. Again with a short shower screen.

And these are our linen cupboards. 1 downstairs and 2 upstairs.

These are the standard wardrobe fit outs in each of the bedrooms. Child #3.

Child #1

Child #2 door and room.

This is the walk through ward robe between Child #2 bedroom and the Jack and Jill en-suite shared with the guest bedroom.

And this is the shared en-suite with the huge shower. It was just how it came with the layout we wanted.

The guest bedroom's wardrobe.

The activity area upstairs with a super size cooling vent.

Looking down the soon-to-be-stained stairs.


  1. Looking great!
    What colour are your bricks and garage door?

    1. Hi there. The bricks are a Category 2 brick called Buckwheat. The garage door colour is called Basalt. Cheers.

    2. We're also building the Somerville (46) so it's nice to see how your build is progressing. We've chosen Basalt for our garage door as well :)

  2. We'll be building the Somerville 46 next year as well and so glad to have your blog as reference. I notice that you had plumbing to the exterior wall so you can have a wall niche to your shower in the main bathroom and ensuite shower. Did you have to get special permission to do that as PD refused to allow us to put a niche in our bathroom as they said they won't do plumbing on exterior facing wall :(

    1. Hi there. No it never came up. We asked for the plumbing to go on the external wall first actually. I wanted the shower rose on the longer side of the shower which meant putting the plumbing on the exterior side. PD never said that was an issue. It was only afterwards that we asked for the niche which at that point had to go on the interior wall. Ask PD again. I don't see any reason why it should be a problem, sounds like someone can't be bothered and has forgotten who the customer is.