Saturday, 29 July 2017

Scaffolding down and Stairs up

All the brickwork was completed this week. The gutters and eaves were completed so the scaff could come down. Great to see the final form of the house now. The lower courses of bricks still need to be cleaned but the top floor is all done now externally.

And inside we've had the plastering almost finished, just a few little patches here and there remaining. The waterproofing for the wet areas has been done. We also took delivery of all the cabinetry so that should be going in over the next few days.

And of course, the stairs. What a difference they make. The voids are now fully exposed and we are really happy with the light and space the back void lets in.


  1. Hi, your house is looking great. We are also building Somerville 46. just wondering if your understair storage has plaster on its walls?
    Is that an upgrade.

    1. Hi there. Yes it does. The chippie putting in the door asked if we would prefer a door at the end of the stairs rather than at the side. He reckoned it would give us more space inside it and it meant that he could use a full size door without having to cut it. So we said yes. At the same time we asked if we could have noggins put in the frame for things like coat racks etc. Which he did. We then told our SS 'I presume that it will be plastered out underneath?'. He said yes. So I don;t know if it's always the intention but it's definitely one of those jobs that gets organised onsite rather than dealing through the office (which are terrible by the way). We also asked the electrician to put a socket under the stairs when he was doing his rough ins. He put one in for cash. Now we can put a light under there and charge things etc.