Sunday, 20 August 2017

Painting & Cabinets

I guess this is the part of the build where things start to slow down. A few weeks have passed but not that much has been done.

The garage has been started with the frame going up. The render at the front has been started but we suspect there is another coat to go as the current colour is not at all what we choose ...

Inside the majority of the painting has been done. We choose a very plain colour scheme with a standard white on the skirting and architraves and an almost white on the walls themselves. It gives light the best chance to get into the middle of the house and hopefully the colour won't date as quickly as some other colours or wallpaper could.

The Master bedroom

And the cabinets in the kitchen and the bathrooms have been put in. Below is our ensuite.

And the view from the walk in robe through our ensuite with our bedroom in the background

The hallway with the door for the under stairs storage and the end. Our plans had the door at the side of the stairs but our joiner suggested putting the door at the end. He didn't have to cut a door smaller and we've probably ended up with more usable space underneath the stairs.

The Lounge which will initially be the kids' downstairs Rumpus room

The down stairs powder room

The laundry

The Study

The main Family room area. The extra windows are to replace the ones already in there. The ones put in first should have been square set like all the others in the space but were regular. It's added some time but it will be a much better look once it's been rectified.

Upstairs in the front Activity room

Bedroom for #3

Bathroom 1 upstairs

Bedroom for #1

Bedroom for #2

Shared ensuite between 2 of the bedrooms

Bedroom for Nain


  1. What’s the end product like? Considering this house and builder. Any advice?

  2. Hi there. The end result is good. But, it took a lot of work on our part to keep the builder on track. They missed a lot of fundamental things that we (or our independent inspectors) discovered. Once highlighted they were always quick to address but we do wonder what else has been missed. If you are looking to be completely hands off and assume that the builder will take care of everything, then I would not recommend them. However, if you are going to be involved and engaged fully during the full life of the build, then I'm confident you will end up with a quality build.